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About Orange Wine Tours

Orange Wine Tours aim to be the most inclusive tour operator in Orange, with our wide range of tours.

Our tours are about providing you with a most memorable expereince taking home some exceptional wines and lots of pictures of your day out in Orange. Our tours are about you and and your choices including wine varieties. We beleive we have something for everyone.

Our Tours

  • experience the fabulous cold climate wine region of Orange, NSW and surrounds.
  • learn from local best viticulturists about their wines gaining knowledge of our region-specific flavours. 
  • exclusive contact with wine makers and find out first hand about our cool climate wines. 
  • travel in comfort with our modern fleet of vechicles with groups from 2 to 12
  • our exclusive tours of this unique terroir - highlight a wine-growing environment not found anywhere else in main land Australia.
  • Our tours range in scale from first-time wine tasters to a more experienced palette
  • Tours can also be tailored to suit specific needs from small to larger groups
  • Our tours highlight regional produce bringing food and wine together at cellar doors, local cafes and restaurants
  • Our tours are not set cellar doors for any tour and with custom tours the organiser can assist by selecting cellar doors.
  • Orange Wine Tours base recommendations of cellar doors on the range of wine varieties and award winning cellar doors
  • Orange Wine Region is known for its friendly and engaging cellar door staff with the opportunity to meet the viticulturist, 
  • If you have other interests we can tailor a trip so that you get the best of both worlds, or we can combine aspects of any of our tours. 
  • Come join our team on a tour and see why once you’ve been to Orange you’ll want to come back again and again!!


Orange Wine Region

About the Orange Wine Region

The Orange Wine Region is a young and vibrant new region in NSW. Orange has been named as a region just over 20yrs ago making a significant mark in the Australian wine regions. The first grapes grown for wine date back to 1983 with major developments in the 90's and early 2000's with increasing numbers of cellar doors. Although the wine production in the area goes back about thirty years, it has only been within the last 10 years that it has started to make a name for itself growing some of the country’s, if not the world’s best, cool climate wines

The Orange terroir is unique in that its grapes are grown in a region of 600m + above sea level. It is in fact the only terrior in Australia to be defined by its altitude. The climate at this altitude gives Orange wines their distinct flavours and colour; grapes can be left on their vines longer and can mature more slowly than in warmer climates allowing for a better balance of flavours and increased acidity.

Wine Trails in Orange - Cellar Doors

Pinnacle Rd - Ross Hill, Word of Mouth, Brangayne, Colmar Estate, Phillip Shaw

Cargo Road - Boree Lane, Canobalas Smith, Stockmans Ridge, Cargo Rd Wines, Habitat, Dindema, Nash Dale Lane, De Salis, Rowlee, Borodell, Montoro

Escourt Way - Prinethie(by appointment) Orange Mtn Wines, Heifer Station, Swinging Bridge, Bloodwood (Griffen Rd)

Eastern Heiritage - Mortimers, May Field, Sassy, Highland Heritage, Petina

Milthorpe - Angullong, Slow Co Wines

Town Cellar Doors - Ferment, Faison

Cellar Doors- special appointment only - Bloodwood, Printhie, Angullong, Slow Co Wines, Boree Lane, Canobalas Smith, Habitat




Orange Wine Tour Team

My favourite indulgences are wine, food and travelling.” 

Les and his tour guides will take you on an entertaining and informative tour of the Orange region and show you why we think it’s one of the most interesting places in Australia.

He has travelled around Australia visiting many different wine regions on a journey looking for a place where he could become part of and contribute to a local community, has finally brought him back to Orange, NSW, having visited here on numerous occasions. Les has always had a passion to operate boutique wine tours which has been an ultimate goal.

Outside of wine tours we all enjoy dining out at local restaurants and visiting places of interest around Orange and other local areas. This has given us a better knowledge of and relationship with many of the local vineyards. If you are visiting Orange for the first time, Orange Wine Tours will offer you some great dinner recommendations, Orange has a surprising number of fantastic dining locations both in the CBD and in the vineyards.

Orange Wine Tours team operates the three Orange Wine Tour mini buses plus we have two smaller vechicles for private tours. The team is made up of local tour guides who have an extensive knowledge of Orange and surrounding regions including the cool climate Orange Wine Region. 











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